The Robin Hood Hotel has introduced a new element into their drive through bottlo` being the Canimal. At almost a litre they are about three standard drinks in each can, but when you get home and the boss asks how many beers you bought the answer is a very satisfying only three cans! You can’t beat a good American IPA or pale straight off the tap and this is what the Canimal delivers, beer poured straight from the tap in the can then sealed right in front of you. The choices vary on a week to week basis with some of the less popular beers taking longer to change over, yes I’m looking at you mango IPA that lasted all of about three days and was arguably the best beer I’ve ever drunk! Prices also vary depending on you are getting and range from around twelve dollars to twenty dollars with a discount being applied if you buy 3 or more. At the time of writing they currently have; (images courtesy of Now Tapped)

Wayward Brewing

6.3% IPA – American

Yulli’s Brews
Slick Rick’s Rampaging Red Ale

6% Red Ale – American Amber / Red

Modus Operandi Brewing Co.
The Lost Key

5.2% Pale Ale – American

Shenanigans Brewing Co.

5.6% Pale Ale – American       (this one wont last long its fantastic and my current favourite!)

Batch Brewing Company

6.4% Rye Beer

Take note bottleshops that are complaining about Dan Murphys current market share. You will never be able to match their pricing or availability but if you introduce a unique concept like the Canimal (yes I’m aware of growlers) and add some extremely knowledgeable staff which The Robin Hood Hotel is lucky enough to have in spades then you will not only compete with chains like Dan Murphys, you will leave them in your wake!