Really loved the dark reddy colouring of this IPA from Brewdog. Elvis Juice, which the owners of Brewdog were served with a notice from the Presley estate to change the name, so naturally they both changed their names to Elvis via deedpoll to keep the Elvis name, is an American styled IPA. From their website: “James Watt & Martin Dickie – shall henceforth be known as Elvis Watt and Elvis Dickie.” Love it! It’s a grapefruit and blood orange infused IPA that pours very well, has a very strong aroma of grapefruit and looks beautiful in the glass. You are hit straight away with the grapefruit which I really love and then your typical IPA hops tantalise your taste buds with loads of pine and citrus. I would say however that for an IPA it was slightly too malty. Full disclosure I don’t love malty beers as a rule, I appreciate them but I do prefer less malt so its purely a personal choice thing with this beer as to whether you like your IPAs malty or not. It’s a great beer and I would happily consume many more of them again!