First off let me apologize. I’ve secretly been buying Slick Ricks red ale in canimals for over a month. I really didn’t want to write about this one as I love it. Everytime I love one of the Robin Hood Hotels canimals they get swooped up. I’m not normally a huge fan of red ales, I’ve always found them too malty with a slightly burnt caramel after taste. One fateful Thursday afternoon I’m staring at the taps in the bottlo trying to draw inspiration (it wasn’t a great week that week for their tap selection) when Sambo suggests I try Rick…. appalled I whinged “bud, red ales aren’t really my thing. I appreciate them for what they are but I’d like to just chill out with an IPA” Enter the dreaded taster… my first sip was non comittal. Sam assures me and well he’s never let me down before so stuff it I say and throw Ricks canimal in with the usuals. That as they say is history. I’m bloody hooked! It’s a very unique drop and I love it. It’s the perfect matching of ipa and pale hops with not overly rich chocolate/caramel malts. The best is once those difuse you get these awesome fruity pineapple flavours that must be Amarillo hops (I love Amarillo). In a perfect world I’d like slightly more bitterness but that’s a personal thing and doesn’t detract from this red ale at all. Well done Yulli’s well played indeed and thanks Sam! Re-order asap once that keg runs out please brother!