I love hops. Like I REALLY love hops. I’m growing hops in my backyard and I don’t even homebrew….. therefore I love a good hop challenge, not quite burning the enamel off my teeth challenge but pretty close. This DirtWolf is extremely aggressively hopped. It’s using a very old school variety of hops known as Humulus Lupulus which was huge around the 11th century which is kind of befitting as this double IPA will truly send you back to the dark ages! It pours a pale orange with strong pine notes, very restrained malt with a drop kick to your palate bitter finish. If you don’t love your bitter hops style beers then this is not for you. I would strongly recommend refining your palate before taking this bad boy on. I absolutely love it but at almost 9% don’t knock to many of them back! This dirt wolf beer would take down liam neeson any day!