We have been meaning for quite some time to hold a meeting for Brewsbuzz,finally the planets aligned and we were all available on a friday afternoon. With an extremely impressive tap list we decided on The Bitter Phew. We were not disappointed, this place is a beer nerds paradise! The bar tender (should have gotten your name sorry bud!) was insanely knowledgeable, right down to the exact time and flight that the Feral keg had arrived from Perth on the plane…. Pricing was about what you expect for a relatively hipster sort of bar with the 425ml averaging $12 which I’m personally ok with. It’s not just a great beer you are getting you are also getting insight from the barman into brewing processes, industry gossip, latest news etc. The furnishings and decor are uber industrial with a dark brooding feel which I really enjoyed. All in all it was a really good afternoon with no suits in sight! With their tap list constantly changing I can see us having to visit again and again and again and again and again! My personal favourite was the Batch “Juicy As Phuk” Phresh IPA. My only complaint is that they stole our logo font for their sign!!!!!!