To quote one of my favourite movies Supertroopers, “Mother of God!” This Indian Saison was picked up at Barnys in Roseberry. Wow where do I start… it pours a slightly pale yellow with strong citrus aromas. It has a very crisp palate, kind of like a really refreshing lemon and lime flavour with the slight sourness of a Saison. It’s using Sorachi Ace hops which I don’t think I’ve had before. Very subtle pine notes with huge unapologetic citrus really makes for a winning combination. I love this beer and would love to try it off the tap. Given its part of their brewpub series it can be quite hard to find but make the effort as it’s well worth it. Another fantastic beer from the brewers that are yet to produce a dud (from what I’ve had). Mazel tov Feral! Well done.