Two Sunday afternoon’s in a row has seen me land at Batch’s brewery, where you can touch the bottom of the planes as they come into land and smell the half rotting grain as you sip on your beer. Hardly sounds appealing, but this is one of my favourite Sydney breweries for a relaxed afternoon with friends and beer. No pretension. No wall to wall hipsters. Just well made, enjoyable beers. The true essence of #drinklocal.

Not a bad beer among them, but particularly enjoyable were the West Coast IPA (grapefruit dominant without cloying pine oils, just how I like them); The Big Kahuna (a coconut infused brown ale); High and Rye Amber Ale (a delicious hoppy, spicy rendition); and my personal favourite and GABS top 5, A Currant State of Infusion (blackcurrant and coffee sour).

Each weekend sees a different food truck park out the front to take care of the business of soaking up the hops. There’s also a big fridge selection of cans, bombers and growlers to take your favourite home with you. A four pack of A Currant State of Infusion made the trip home, so look out for a future review.