Dead set 4pines you have never let me down before with one of your well crafted beers….. and this is no exception! Wow! This has me even more excited now for a possible special release New England IPA.

Poured a wonderful light orange with pungent aromas of pine, mango and mandarin (allegedly tangerine but smells like mandarin to me). That Idaho 7 hop appears again along with the usual suspects. Every time I’ve had a beer lately with Idaho 7 hops it’s been a really smooth hoppiness that I really love. You still get your bitterness however it’s silky and leaves that nice piney feel and not the omg my teeth just fell out feel.

Excellent beer, if it’s on tap at the brewpub then there shall be a boozy brewsbuzz lunch coming up shortly. As Trent would say, for an IPA 16/20 at least. Almost impossible to fault.