Arrrr, me hearties.  As corny as it sounds, I chose Pirate Life for this kayaking trip on the Kangaroo River because, well… we were in boats.

Beer geeks take note, the brewing process and ingredients are sneakily listed just under the rim of each Pirate Life can.

Pours as a slightly cloudy light amber, with a visible head.  Each sip leaves a noticeable lace up the side of the glass,  which lingers as you drink. Smells fruity, with hints of burnt toffee. The full-strength alcohol is well hidden by smooth textures and flavours. A medium amount of hop bitterness, balanced with a slightly citrus sweetness, quickly turns to lingering orange peel bitterness.

Drunk fresh and cold on the river, straight out of the tin, I rated this 9/10 for experience. It’s not always just about the beer.

Style – IPA

Stength – 6.8%

IBU – 60  

Just about the beer – Dan Rated 3/5