Batch are the masters of sour. Their Currant State of Infusion coffee sour was in my top five beers of 2017 and this beer is an early contender for 2018. With passionfruit and dragonfruit in the mix, ‘Pash the Magic Dragon’ is a great name too.

Squeeler from the brewery. Pours a grapefruit pink with orange hues and a thin, pure white head that dissipates quickly. Heady aromas of passionfruit, white wine vinegar and lactic acid. Mouth puckering, up front sourness that moves into the sweet/sour of passionfruit, licked with vinegar and lactose. As a very bland fruit, the dragonfruit adds great colour and some texture. Magnificent beer.

Appearance 4/5
Aroma 8/10
Flavour 9/10
Palate 4/5
Overall 16/20