Sam and Dan from Shenanigans Brewing pretty much specialized in farmhouse style ales back in 2014 with the super refined french hops and champagney yeasts which I love. After a big arvo yesterday at The Hive Bar (awesome venue with awesome staff) where all taps were pretty much Shenanigans ales (how good is the tradewind!) I decided I needed a palate cleanser so grabbed the double from the celler.

So glad I did. Pours a delightful lemonade yellow with a strong frothy head with some strong lacing. Slight bready malt which is well restrained with that banana mouthfeel that you get from the farmhouse ales yeast. Delicate hopping with local and French hops means this double is silky smooth. It’s got an ABV of 7.1% but it’s not boozy at all. I love it, the original Grisette was awesome, the double is pure perfection!