Pact Beer Co – Brickworks Brown Ale

Recently I had the pleasure of sampling Pact Beer Co’s range at Plonk Belconnen, ACT. Pact are one of the many great Canberra breweries punching above their weight in the Australian brew scene, and their malty Brickworks Brown Ale stood out for me as a favourite.

The 330ml bottle contains a clear, dark brown liquid, and it poured out with a decent head. Hints of floral hops hide behind the rich malt and dark chocolate aromas. The frothy head died down as I drank, leaving a nice meniscus of foam around the glass.

The texture is slightly resiny, while the flavour isbitter from the hops but with a herbal spice. The malt shines through in dry flavours of dark chocolate, nuts and spices. At 5.6%, this beer is moreish, delightful and easy to throw back.

Dan rated 4/5