Introducing Bad Boy Bubbly from Moon Dog Brewery, a barley champagne beer. What a fascinatingly refreshing drop. Extra pale pilsner malts (so delicate and subtle), hallertau blank hops (never heard of this variety but it’s quite crisp with very little bitterness) and champagne yeast that you see a lot in saisons and farmhouse ales.

Poured a champagne yellow with a nice head that dissipated instantly. Strong champagne mouthfeel with a slightly malty middle and a slightly boozy back of the throat. It’s been aged in french oak barrels, not sure why french but you do get that woody taste on the palate which I love.

This is fantastic, luckily for me it’s quite a warmish day, but it would taste even better on a cracking hot day. I’ve gotta get one of these for Trent so he can age it for a few years. Not for a new to craft palate, more for the discerning craft beer drinker.