GABS Sydney 2018 – what a day!! Tim and I went to the day session and had a ball. The issues relating to slow survive that plagued last years event were ironed out and the quality of beer was outstanding. We drank about 60 unique beers between us and have come up with some highlights. While an event like this probably adds a point onto scores, to reach my top five needed an overall score of 4/5. This is a big score if you read my normal reviews. Here it is.

The Wayward Tennessee Tonic wood aged beer was the clear favourite. Full of oak, bourbon, vanilla, apple and ginger wrapped around a smooth, but slightly sour mouthfeel. Complex. Amazing.

Tim’s Top 5

Wayward Tennessee Tonic
Akasha The Eagle IIIIPA
Bentspoke Here We Joe Again
Kaiju Spacium Ray
Sauce Trubble and Squeak & Beer Garden Angasi Coffin Bay Oyster Stout

Trent’s Top 5

Wayward Tennessee Tonic – 4.2/5
Big Shed Brewing Concern Boozy Fruit & Sauce Trubble and Squeak – 4.1/5
Red Hill A Crazy American Lost in Belgium, Yulli’s Eltham Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Pecan Brown Ale and Sierra Nevada BelGIN Tripel – 4/5