Easy Evil a black rasberry saison with brett from Anchorage Brewing Company brewed for Mos Generator a pretty cool US band. The Anchorage Brewing Company journey continues. This saison uses motueka and saaz hops which was then fermented in oak tanks with two different strains of Brettanomyces and then aged on black raspberries. Lets get on with the tasting!

Pours a very dark purple with a strong citrus and berry nose. First sip is a really sour tart citrus taste with a champagney carbonation which is pretty standard for a saison. As the glass warms up in your hand you really get the raspberry flavour coming through. This is a celebration of black raspberries which gives it a really tart sour flavour. It’s pure perfection, I can’t find a single fault in this beer. One of the best things I’ve ever drunk ever….