I’ve had an unbelievably busy start to the year with work and haven’t been able to post, so here’s the beer I sat down to drink with @biglinx and celebrate the end of 2018. Listening to the waves from the balcony of our beach house and watching a developing thunderstorm in the distance, what better way to celebrate than with the @wildflowerbeer Year ‘Ol Tah. A 2017 Waratah they left to age on oak for a year before releasing, it’s an incredible beer, full of complexity and intrigue. Thanks for bringing this one with you Linx. 
Pours a cloudy gold with a well retained, small, thin white. Incredibly complex aromas that you could smell all day long (I think it took 15 minutes before I tasted it!), full of oak, bread, savoury meaty elements and funk. It remains light however, washed with flowers and sharp Granny Smith apples. The flavour profile is equally complex, with quick finishing lemon tartness on the front of the palate, moving towards oak, spice and notes of a light beef stock. There is a touch of funkiness, but not as obvious as the aroma. The additional year on barrel has integrated the elements perfectly, just like an aged champagne, creating a savoury but light, fresh beer. Magnificent. 
4.1/5. Trent