Happy 8th birthday to @twobirdsbrewing , one of my favs. A regular in my fridge and a regular on these pages, it’s great to see them going the distance after starting up before it was cool. In keeping with their birthday releases, the traditional eighth birthday gift of salt appears in the form of a Gose. Not satisfied with that, it’s dialled up a couple of percent to 8% ABV to match the occasion, with Purple Reign Imperial Blackcurrant Gose. An Imperial Gose you say? I’ve never heard of it either. It’s not the normal refreshing Gose you smash on a warm Sunday afternoon, more of a sophisticated strong sour beer. And it’s delicious. Long may the Two Birds Reign continue.
Bottle. Pours a red grape juice colour, with moderate clarity and a small white head. Huge berry aromas, with black currants being dominant, but also strawberries, creamy notes, along with a slight sourness and savouriness. Moderately sour, full of berries swirled into just a little bit of cream, with a savoury, almost meaty finish. A much fuller mouthfeel than your standard Gose, but there’s no hint of the 8% ABV, except when you finish the 500ml bottle!!!! 3.9/5. Trent. Purchased @lugarnocellars