There has been some controversy over the @waywardbrewing Coffee and Donuts Milk Stout, and I’m here to dispel that. While there may have been a bad batch for Melbourne @gabsfestival , mine is magnificent. Almost as good in the can as it was on tap, it’s ambitious, to style, subtle and fashionable (hazy, sour or sweet stouts – was anything else made for GABS?). The unusual element of donuts adds two things – the wonderful cinnamon that works quietly in the background for the whole beer, and a bit of additional body that isn’t always present in milk stouts. Made in conjunction with @tobysestatecoffee and @grumpydonutsofficial , they’ve nailed it, picking up my beer of the Sydney GABS festival for the second year running (just – fighting it out with @frenchiesbb x @bridgeroadbrewers Rose Brut IPA, @behemothbrewingcompany Chur Hey There’s a Beverage Here and @garageproject Aunt Sally’s Slice of Sunshine). Cross review from tap GABS Sydney 2019 and can. Pours deep black with thick mocha head that sticks to the glass. Wonderful aromas of cinnamon, espresso, berries, lactose, bread dough, dark roasted malt and caramel. Medium bodied, with rich flavours of chocolate, coffee, sweetish yoghurt (not sour), roasted malt and lingering, but not overpowering cinnamon. The sweetness of the lactose is perfectly balanced by the roastiness.
4.1/5. Trent.