March 2019

Stone & Wood Brewing Killer Kween Imperial Berliner Weisse


It’s with great anticipation that @counterculturebeer , the new project from @stoneandwood has arrived and hit my fridge. A new, very limited release every eight weeks (see the link for stockists below), far from their ‘Byron Bay in a bottle’ core range. And you can’t get any further from the status quo then the Killer Kween, a 7.6% Imperial [...]

Stone & Wood Brewing Killer Kween Imperial Berliner Weisse2019-03-26T03:37:50+00:00

Old Wives Brewery Old Man Yells At Cloud Double NEIPA


I’ve never actually had any of Melbourne gypsy brewers @oldwivesalesbeer, but their name may well be my favourite. The Simpson’s reference in the ‘Old Man Yells At Cloud Double NEIPA’ for a teen of the 90’s brings on a little chuckle as well. Famous for their original NEIPA, here comes the big brother, weighing in at [...]

Old Wives Brewery Old Man Yells At Cloud Double NEIPA2019-03-26T03:37:25+00:00

Wayward Brewing Raspberry Berliner Weisse


In celebration of the end of summer (just a bit warm for me) I thought I’d celebrate the beer I drunk the most this summer, @waywardbrewing Raspberry Berliner Weisse. Once known as Sour Puss (I loved that name), Wayward changed their core range around slightly in October 2018, putting it in cans, renaming them and adding a [...]

Wayward Brewing Raspberry Berliner Weisse2019-03-26T03:36:57+00:00

Tasman Tango Session IPA


The Tasman Tango Session IPA from Batch Brewing in Marrickville on the very special day of the year, Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras here in Sydney. I'm the son of a lesbian so it holds an extra special importance to me. We weren't always as tolerant as we are now and mum did it really [...]

Tasman Tango Session IPA2019-03-26T03:36:29+00:00

Yullis Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA


@yullisbrews have really stepped up since the opening of their Alexandria brewery. I love their lighter beers (Berliner Weisse’s and sours) and their Imperial stouts are to die for. My sister in law tipped me into the Amanda Mandarin IPA. Full of mandarin (whole) and orange (liqueur), the combination of two of my favourite fruits makes [...]

Yullis Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA2019-03-26T03:36:02+00:00

Sauce Brewing Cascadian Black Ale


@saucebrewing O Cascadia is, as the name would suggest, a Cascadian Black Ale. Cascadia, as Wikipedia tells me, is an actual proposed nation (you learn something new everyday), loosely combining British Columbia 🇨🇦Washington and Oregon🇺🇸, based on political and environmental notions that the Federal government is eastern state motivated. The movement is gaining a bit of [...]

Sauce Brewing Cascadian Black Ale2019-03-26T03:35:36+00:00

Sailor’s Grave Brewing Autumn Farmhouse Ale


Sailor's Grave Brewing Autumn Farmhouse Ale with rye and carrot seed flowers, I know right carrot seed flowers..... I had to look it up! To be honest I've never tried it before so can't comment on what the flavour should be. Rye is quite common however lately I've mainly had it in red IPA's which [...]

Sailor’s Grave Brewing Autumn Farmhouse Ale2019-03-26T03:34:37+00:00

Stone The Crows Brewski/Alefarmbrewing Collab


‘Stone the Crows’, the phrase used by cult vlogger Simon Martin to describe a ripper beer on his YouTube channel @realalecraftbeer . In a Scandinavian collab brew between 🇸🇪 and @alefarmbrewing 🇩🇰 the phrase is borrowed as a tribute to Simon and all the bloggers out there. They say they read each and every review with interest, so here goes [...]

Stone The Crows Brewski/Alefarmbrewing Collab2019-03-26T03:34:09+00:00

Balter Brewing Hazy NEIPA


@balterbrewers are uber popular, dominating all manner of beer lists around the country. Well made, straightforward beers that I’m happy to drink but don’t necessarily go out and buy. Their special releases are a different species though. Still well made, but with added levels of quality and complexity making them some of the best going around [...]

Balter Brewing Hazy NEIPA2019-03-26T03:33:25+00:00

Two Birds Brewing Peachy Steen Sour


Two Birds Brewing Peachy Steen peach and mangosteen sour. Love the ladies from two birds, genuinely some of the nicest people in the business! Mangosteen, also known as the purple mangosteen, is a tropical evergreen tree believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands of the Malay archipelago and the Moluccas of Indonesia. I've had [...]

Two Birds Brewing Peachy Steen Sour2019-03-26T03:32:33+00:00

Kent Falls Brewing Baby Saison


Kent Falls Brewing Co Ellita Baby Saison from Connecticut USA. The philsophy behind these guys is awesome, it's real farm to table stuff where they raise free range pigs, have an apple orchard, grow their own hops and develop their own yeast strains. They have been developing Saccharomyces wild yeast strains Brettanomyces or Brett which [...]

Kent Falls Brewing Baby Saison2019-03-26T03:31:53+00:00

Wayward Brewing Funky Pineapple Brett IPA


Funky Pineapple Hand Grenade Brett IPA from Wayward Brewing, a Brett fermented west coast style IPA. Been very much looking forward to this, west coast IPA is me in a nut shell, aggressive hops, strong bitterness and a citrus note in the mouthfeel. Brett or Brettanomyces yeast is all the rage at the moment and [...]

Wayward Brewing Funky Pineapple Brett IPA2019-03-26T03:30:50+00:00
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