Visited the Bankstown Sports Clubs new micro brewery known as The Basement Brewhouse with the promise of a bazillion different beers on tap! I was not disappointed, the choice of beers on tap from stouts to double IPAs was awesome! Choice of food was pretty good with the karage chicken burger winning over all.

The beers though were sensational! There was three or four beers that had been brewed onsite which were ok, had a slightly immature rushed feel to them. The non brewed onsite beers though were incredible with the stand out being the Hop Hog American IPA  by the Feral Brewing Company.

Pricing was typical for the craft beer scene these days with a pint setting you back around nine bucks. The biggest disappointment of the afternoon though were the staff. The bar staff seemed disinterested in serving let alone talking about their product with the exception of one of the female staff members whose name I wish I had remembered. With such a wide variety on offer you would hope they would show some genuine enthusiasm, alas they did not…..

Bit of a schlep for this boy from the east but I will definitely be going back. A place I would highly recommend visiting.