@behemothbrewingcompany @churbrewing Joey and Chandler Hazy Hop Buddies Hazy IPA brewed with Citra and Riwaka hops. Andrew Childs the former lawyer (boooo!) turned brewer (yay!) and ors from across the ditch (detch) in New Zealand who showcase some amazingly fresh hops and some of the best can art I’ve seen to date. In 2018 the Brewers Association of America “style guidelines” formally recognized “Juicy or Hazy” ales. Hazy IPAs are better known for their tropical, juicy hop flavor/aroma and smooth mouthfeel, the “haze” is a by product of the brewing process so there is some controversy surrounding it officially being recognized as an official style, but whatever you want to call them I like them, I like them A LOT!
This beer pours a dark hazy murky danky amber orange with a strong white frothy head. Tropical fruit and some pine on the nose with some slight earthy grassy notes. Orange, passionfruit and melon dominate the front of the palate with a danky resinous pine middle. It finishes with a nice mild bitterness at the back of the throat and just the slightest hint of something sour, I want to day lemon rind but it could be anything it’s so beautifully subtle. This is a great beer but almost impossible to find away from the land of the great white cloud. Best enjoyed whilst watching the Aussies belt the Kiwis in the cricket 🤣 Tim