Aloha NEIPA with pog juice from Six Strings Brewing Co. I had to go all the way to Canberra to get this beer (well I was there for work technically) and found it at Plonk! Wow what a bottleshop, almost worth the 3 plus hours drive to Canberra….

I digress, mate of mine got a job at 6 strings recently (relative term) after leaving the RHH (we need to catch up soon bud, maybe GABS?) and I’ve been dying to try his NEIPA. Poured a golden murky orange. Strong notes of Guava (pog), passionfruit and orange with a healthy wack of hops. It’s not got that oaty mouth feel of some other NEIPAs and for me that’s a great thing! 500ml can and 7.5% it’s relatively lethal on a hot day in Sydney like today so after a couple will need to switch to something more sessionable.

Fantastic beer, could be my favourite NEIPA so far just knocking out the Jedi Juice. Well done guys!