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August 2018

Big Shed Brewing – Boozy Fruit NEIPA


  Pours like any NEIPA does, a murky puddle. Beautiful head retention helps encapsulate what your taste buds are about to explore. My first thought, "oh my god! What a cracker". This beer won the most recent peoples choice at GABS, and so it should have. You dive into a bottle and are greeted with [...]

Big Shed Brewing – Boozy Fruit NEIPA2018-11-01T05:37:13+00:00

Deep Creek Brewing Company – Lupulin Effect DIPA


I cracked open a can of Lupulin Effect double IPA. The can is bold and simple, the contents much the same. This beer takes me back to my early love affair with IPA's, when craft was the exception, not the norm. When an IPA would really feel like a hearty beer. A lot of current [...]

Deep Creek Brewing Company – Lupulin Effect DIPA2018-11-01T05:37:18+00:00

Nomad Brewing Co – Millions of Peaches, Peach IPA


The beer pours a bright orange-yellow with visible body and low head retention. The aroma really pulls from the yeast and I sadly did not get the whiff of 'millions of peaches' that i so hoped for. To further my disappointment, the beer in itself did not sit great with me. A slightly funky yeast [...]

Nomad Brewing Co – Millions of Peaches, Peach IPA2018-11-01T05:37:22+00:00

Brewdog – ‘Kamikaze knitting club’ maple stout


It's a cold night in Melbourne, so i thought i should warm up with a stout. This beer pours true to a stout, with nice tight microfoam on a head that hangs around. A nice light toasty malt flavour whiffs from the glass and the first sip is much the same. It's a pretty clean [...]

Brewdog – ‘Kamikaze knitting club’ maple stout2018-08-23T02:50:25+00:00

April 2018

Deeds Brewing – Quite Deeds Juice Train NEIPA – 6.5% ABV.


These guys are a two beer trip from me, hailing from Glen Iris in Victoria. Time to open one of their cans and the beer pours as a typical NEIPA, cloudy and juicy. straight off the ring pull, mango and coconut comes wafting out. There's a zesty hint from the yeast coming through. A smooth [...]

Deeds Brewing – Quite Deeds Juice Train NEIPA – 6.5% ABV.2018-11-01T04:52:55+00:00

February 2018

Ballast Point – Sculpin IPA


Ballast Point have always produced strong beers. They are one of my go-to beers when i'm not sure what to drink.Created in California USA, the flavours are always distinct and bold. I just finished a day of working around the house and was absolutely fangin' for a cold one. Today I've cracked open their Sculpin [...]

Ballast Point – Sculpin IPA2018-03-15T22:50:23+00:00

January 2018

Collesi – Imper Ale Triplo Malto


I was gifted this bottle from a friend at work who i have shared my home brew with on occasions. It's definitely not a beer i would pick off the shelf, but it's also a little hard to source. I'll get right down to the review and try my hardest to ignore where this beer [...]

Collesi – Imper Ale Triplo Malto2018-03-15T22:52:06+00:00

December 2017

Stockade Brew Co. – Hoppy Brown Ale


Stockade Brew Co hail from Sydney with a number of seasonal beers on offering. This is a 'Hoppy Brown Ale' that tips the scales at 6.8%ABV. Driven by malt, the first sip pulls your lips to your tongue to cleanse the pallet. It's almost off-putting at first until you adjust. There are burnt grain flavours [...]

Stockade Brew Co. – Hoppy Brown Ale2018-03-15T22:45:52+00:00

3Ravens – Extra Juicy NEIPA


  The lads at 3Ravens in Thornbury are no strangers to great beer. Producing a wide variety of show winning beers, they have a formula and it works. Today I cracked a can of their Extra Juicy Double Hopped NEIPA. The artwork throws some hints that it going to be fruity. There's a juice-box straw [...]

3Ravens – Extra Juicy NEIPA2018-03-15T22:46:15+00:00

October 2017

Modus Operandi – Sonic Prayer IPA


A pint in a can seems just so, fitting. M.O have been getting quite a drum up for their beers, so i figured it was well and truly time i got on board. Easing into the lounge to watch my beloved Geelong Cats play football, i cracked the lid open. Immediately i was aware that [...]

Modus Operandi – Sonic Prayer IPA2018-03-15T22:48:37+00:00

ParrotDog – Bitterbitch IPA


A beautiful IPA that hails from a beautiful part of the world . This beer comes from Wellington, in New Zealand and offers up a very well balanced IPA. It's not 'blow your socks off' bitter, but it definitely has some bite. The aroma jumps out of the glass as you dive in for your [...]

ParrotDog – Bitterbitch IPA2018-03-15T22:39:28+00:00

September 2017

Mornington Brewery – Indefatigable Imperial IPA


I was lucky enough to be down at the Mornington Brewery and the guys had a limited selection indefatigable on tap. I tried my luck asking for a pint, but was advised i could only have a pot. It sparked my curiosity and i knew i was in for something special. This belter of a [...]

Mornington Brewery – Indefatigable Imperial IPA2018-03-15T22:40:56+00:00
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