The lads at 3Ravens in Thornbury are no strangers to great beer. Producing a wide variety of show winning beers, they have a formula and it works.

Today I cracked a can of their Extra Juicy Double Hopped NEIPA. The artwork throws some hints that it going to be fruity. There’s a juice-box straw and the colours scream tropical!

From the can, it’s not as typically hazy as most NEIPA’s being currently produced. It still has that vibrant straw colour and the hop aroma comes flying out as you rip that ring-pull off.
The first sip always starts with the nose. As I tilted the glass towards my lips, my mind was already smiling. A huge fruity smorgasbord was awaiting. The liquid followed the aroma in perfect succession and I was left trying to decipher the fruity flavours with a grin. Topping in at a decent 7.5%, the beers heavy hopping hides the alcohol well and makes this beer an absolute ripper to enjoy. The overall presentation of hops balances perfectly with the oats and leaves you wanting more.

This is my favourite NEIPA to date – Leigh.