I cracked open a can of Lupulin Effect double IPA. The can is bold and simple, the contents much the same. This beer takes me back to my early love affair with IPA’s, when craft was the exception, not the norm. When an IPA would really feel like a hearty beer. A lot of current IPA’s don’t offer that same hit. Either my palate has adjusted, the market has adjusted, or both?
Either way, it’s no wonder we need double IPA’s to fuel our IPA addictions.
Onto the beer: It pours beautiful and golden, albeit a slightly hazy looking DIPA. Not too sure on their filtering process. It’s an 8.5% ABV, so clearly in the DIPA category.
Aroma and flavour from the glass is a strong blend of Apricot and mandarin peel. The flavour is sharp and the classic piney notes mix right in with the fruits. No unpleasant aftertaste to note and really enjoyable (in moderation!).