These guys are a two beer trip from me, hailing from Glen Iris in Victoria. Time to open one of their cans and the beer pours as a typical NEIPA, cloudy and juicy.
straight off the ring pull, mango and coconut comes wafting out. There’s a zesty hint from the yeast coming through. A smooth tropical blend washes over the palate like a ‘weiss bar’ on a hot summers day. The tongue is left to tingle on the high alpha acids from the abundant hop additions. Paradise in a can comes to mind. Amarillo, Simcoe and Galaxy hops are the big hitters in this blend and lend themselves perfectly over a cloudy oat body. This flavour combo masks all alcohol until you feel it hit your belly.
Huge thumbs up to two passionate brewers who are doing what they love, and doing it well! This is a New England IPA i would happily drink all arvo in the warm autumn days we are enjoying. Cheers Deeds Brewing! -Leigh.