The beer pours a bright orange-yellow with visible body and low head retention.
The aroma really pulls from the yeast and I sadly did not get the whiff of ‘millions of peaches’ that i so hoped for.
To further my disappointment, the beer in itself did not sit great with me. A slightly funky yeast taste along with the taste of fermented peach was not a combination i found worked in an IPA. The ‘super hop blend’, as the can touts, did not assist in the peachy-yeasty body of the beer.
There’s a slight chance i got a dud can, so i wont completely discredit this beer. NOMAD produce a lot of great beers and i will give it a second try.
I sat through this beer constantly thinking it would serve better as a peach saison or a peach sour. The aftertaste gave some mild hints of peach, which helped to save this beer that is sitting in a muddled category.

I’d love to hear the thoughts of other beer reviewers on this one.