Ballast Point have always produced strong beers. They are one of my go-to beers when i’m not sure what to drink.Created in California USA, the flavours are always distinct and bold.

I just finished a day of working around the house and was absolutely fangin’ for a cold one. Today I’ve cracked open their Sculpin India Pale Ale. It’s quite light in terms of body and sits in the glass on a golden honey colour. What makes this beer different? Well the flavour is super smooth. It’s like your mind wants to say smooth as malt, but the prominant flavour is a slightly over ripe apricot. It just sizzles on the tongue and has a very mild sour taste that mixes in well with the piney hops at the same time.
A 7% ABV IPA is getting up there, but the smooth flavour holds out. In terms of ballast point, i think this is their finest work. -Leigh