It’s a cold night in Melbourne, so i thought i should warm up with a stout. This beer pours true to a stout, with nice tight microfoam on a head that hangs around. A nice light toasty malt flavour whiffs from the glass and the first sip is much the same.
It’s a pretty clean stout and the maple flavour is definitely subtle. There’s your typical darker grains coming through into the beer, that give off nice light burnt flavours. No unpleasant flavours accompany the darker roast.
As i get further into this glass and the nose dives in deeper the maple syrup finally comes to play. It’s on the lower end in terms of how forward the flavour is, but it makes it that little bit more special. Sitting at 7.5% ABV, its not a sessionable beer, but it bloody well feels like it could be!
Someone whip up a batch of pancakes!