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May 2019

Akasha Brewing Limited Release Black Smith Black IPA


Akasha limited release Black Smith Black IPA from Five Dock Sydney. Always aggressive with their hops and great restraint with their malts I've eagerly been waiting for this one. Black IPA is my favourite style, it was a gateway for me into the dark arts of porters and stouts. Dark roasty malts with citrusy resiney [...]

Akasha Brewing Limited Release Black Smith Black IPA2019-05-26T22:49:37+00:00

Balter Brewing Handsome Elvis Nitro Milk Stout


Balter’s Handsome Elvis is just that. Handsome. It’s also smooth. Just like the King 🕺. Regular readers will know how much I love @balterbrewers limited edition brews, and this Nitro Milk Stout is no different. There aren’t too many milk stouts on the market, so it’s great to add some variety to the broad category [...]

Balter Brewing Handsome Elvis Nitro Milk Stout2019-05-26T22:50:27+00:00

Fixation Brewing The Fix Double IPA


Fixation Brewing, the hoppy side project of @stoneandwood, The Fix Double IPA from Collingwood in Melbourne where @gabsfestival is in full swing, very jealous @slybeer ...... Fixation Brewing is all about the IPAs showcasing massive hops in all their resinous glory. The Fix is a tribute to mosaic, citra and and simcoe hops and boy [...]

Fixation Brewing The Fix Double IPA2019-05-26T22:51:06+00:00

Stone and Wood Brewing Counter Culture Experimental Sticky Nectar NEIPA


I’ve been hanging out for the second @counterculturebeer instalment since the Imperial Berliner Weisse Killer Kween. Next in line from @stoneandwood ‘s alter ego is a beer with some commercial descriptors you might expect from the Byron Bay heavyweights, with mango, tropical hops and summer being thrown around. This is no Pacific Ale though, this [...]

Stone and Wood Brewing Counter Culture Experimental Sticky Nectar NEIPA2019-05-26T22:51:59+00:00

Nomad Brewing Co Red Nose Reindeer Red IPA


The @beercartel Advent Calendar keeps on giving for me, with the collaboration beer with @nomadbrewingco Red Nose Reindeer Red IPA. While it’s a perfectly named Christmas beer, it’s this time of year when I really get stuck into red IPA’s. I still feel like hops, but the weather dictates a malt presence, without too much [...]

Nomad Brewing Co Red Nose Reindeer Red IPA2019-05-26T22:53:03+00:00

Akasha Brewing Triple IPA Wooden Leg


What else would you expect for an anniversary beer from hop fiends @akashabrew , but a Triple IPA. ‘Wooden Leg’ weighs in at a monstrous 10.5%, with huge amounts of Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial hops. I initially passed this beer over to be honest, with IPA’s this big not really my thing (Tim the lunatic [...]

Akasha Brewing Triple IPA Wooden Leg2019-05-26T22:34:51+00:00

Batch Trippy Hippy’s Voodoo Gold Golden Ale


Batch Trippy Hippy's Voodoo Gold Golden Ale, the last of my specialty brews from @plonk_cbr. Ah @batchbrewingcompany god you guys make some awesome beers. This is no exception. A golden ale crafted with Voyager Voodoo malt which to be honest I'm not overly familiar with. The beer. Pours a luscious dark golden orange with a [...]

Batch Trippy Hippy’s Voodoo Gold Golden Ale2019-05-26T22:34:05+00:00

March 2019

The Grifter Brewing Co’s Black Moon Dark Sour


Sitting back in the wonderful beer garden of Marrickville’s  @the_henson(my favourite suburban pub in Sydney) last Sunday, my brother-in-law and I quenched our thirsts with a wonderful Pilsner from @thegrifterbrewingco . I’ve learnt over the past summer how good this style is in the hands of a good brewer, and The Grifter are very, very good. Given [...]

The Grifter Brewing Co’s Black Moon Dark Sour2019-03-26T03:40:59+00:00

Batch Brewing ‘In A Pickle’ Sour Ale


Batch Brewing "In A Pickle Sour Ale" with cucumbers and Sorachi Ace hops. From the guys down at Batch, traditionally the last stop on the inner west brewpub crawl where traditionally we finish with pash the magic dragon, jeez what a great sour! The beer...Pours a golden lemonade yellow with a decent white frothy head [...]

Batch Brewing ‘In A Pickle’ Sour Ale2019-03-26T03:40:27+00:00

Badlands Brewery Jaxon Red IPA


Wine, my second alcoholic vice, has drawn me out to the beautiful NSW Central West town of Orange several times. With the introduction of small humans, it’s been years since I’ve been on an indulgent trip like that however, and @badlandsbrewery wasn’t around on my last trip. It has been brewing in Orange since 2010 though, which [...]

Badlands Brewery Jaxon Red IPA2019-03-26T03:39:39+00:00

Hop Nation Brewing The Chop IPA


One of the many IPA’s in @hopnationbeer IPA lineup, ‘The Chop’ is a self-described chopped up version of various American IPA’s. There’s certainly New England elements in the appearance and aroma, but the West Coast steps in and offers some pine and resinous bitterness. Bottle. Pours hazy straw, with a well retained, dense white head and heavy [...]

Hop Nation Brewing The Chop IPA2019-03-26T03:38:48+00:00

Two Birds Brewing Double Taco


A collaboration between @beercartel and @twobirdsbrewing for the beer cartel beer advent calendar (yes, I bought mine after Christmas and am drinking the beers at my own pace), this is a ramped up version of the Two Birds Taco, which has lime, corn and coriander in it. And just like their previous double take on a core beer (The [...]

Two Birds Brewing Double Taco2019-03-26T03:38:23+00:00
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