I was lucky enough to receive an invite to a special night at the Empire Hotel where Shenanigans promised a perfect matching of a range of their beers from the tap to a carefully selected food menu. During the night we had each course of food presented with a brew from the guys at Shenanigans. The food was ok, the beer was very good. From pales to IPAs to sours, it was an epic journey. One of the guys from Shenanigans (sorry I forgot your name) was entertaining and happy to take questions from those seated at the tables. The tables themselves were home to an eclectic bunch from foodies, craft beer enthusiasts and home brewers. There was a fun trivia contest halfway through the meal which was a great idea and a very good ice breaker for the group. Overall it was a huge success and hopefully will be copied by other breweries in the future, not the big fancy dinners but nice intimate events like this one.

Well done Shenanigans!