The first thing that catches your eye with Colonial Brewing Company’s range of tins is not their simplistic yet stylish graphics, but the large ring on top of the can that when pulled, removes the entire lid. This design allows the flavour and aroma of the beverage to really trigger the senses and comes in handy when without a glass and drinking on the hop (pun intended).

Based in Western Australia’s Margaret River wine country, Colonial are amongst a slew of quality breweries on the west coast. Their ‘Pale Ale’ comes in at a light 4.4% ABV, meaning it’s perfectly suited for knocking back on a balmy Friday night…or a Tuesday afternoon. English-styled, golden in colour and consisting of a blend of Australian and American hops, there are tropical notes present in both its flavour and aroma. Take a deep breath in through the lidless can and a pleasant hint of pine comes to the fore. A good touch of bitterness to finish and this is quite an enjoyable pale.

In my near-thirty years, I’m yet to make the journey to the west. With the brewery scene thriving over there, I might have to!

Appearance – 3/5

Aroma – 7/10

Flavour – 7/10

Palate – 4/5

Overall – 14/20