I’m really getting into my sours lately, I find they are awesome in between more malty beers to reset the palate. Out of respect though I cracked this one first today and I’m glad I did. I don’t love wheat based beers, I find them very uninteresting to be frank, I’ll make an exception for this one though. It’s spectacular, pours a fruity orange colour with no head. A very strong smell of fruit is not realised in the mouth though. Due to the natural fermentation process most of the fruity flavour has gone being replaced with an almost champagne feel to it but as a sour beer. The wild yeast and oak barrel ageing creates an explosion of flavour that you really have to try. Best part is this really dry aftertaste that lingers, well that and the super cool corked bottle. This one should be on everyone’s beer bucket list. Buy it, drink it, love it. It’s a slow sipper and one is enough.