I have home made pork scratchings to go with a Saturday afternoon bevarage. What beer will I have? Do I need to dignify that question with an answer? The Germans have given the world the greatest food/drink match. Forget pinot noir and duck or Champagne and oysters, there is nothing better than a hefeweizen and piece of pork, whether it be knuckle, sausage or in this case just a bit of crackly skin.

I had a few hef’s in the fridge to choose from, but went for the Six String Brewing Co version, which I picked up from the Robin Hood Hotel bottle shop the other day. This is my debut beer from the Central Coast outfit.

Can. Pours a cloudy straw, with frothy white head that dissipates relatively quickly. Classic hefeweizen aromas of banana, bread yeast and clove shine through, along with the not so classic peaches, honey and lack of wheat spiciness. No problems here. Smells fantastic. The mouth-feel is quite dry to begin, displaying spicy wheat and muted cloves. Banana develops mid palate, along with bubblegum and a touch of ester as it warms, finishing with a sweetish honey. I wish I had a second can to drink with the rest of these scratchings!!

Appearance 3/5
Aroma 7/10
Flavour 7/10
Palate 4/10
Overall 13/20