My new thing now is New England IPAs, I love them! Very hard to find though as the brewing process itself can be quite expensive and quite difficult. The cleverly named Golden Double IPA pours a nice darkish orange. It has immediate flavours of mandarin and what tastes like apricot with a superbly bitter hoppiness at the back of the throat and it’s at this exact moment you realise…. *holy sh*t this is a double IPA*. The fruity flavour is so soft on the palate it really takes you by surprise. A magnificently hoppy double IPA at 8% really delivers. It has a hop I’m not familiar with to being Idaho 7 so I’ll be super keen to find something else brewed with this hop as I suspect it is the reason for the unusual back of the throat pineyness and not in the middle as I’ve become accustomed. Well worth the hunt!