Wayward’s “Charmer” India Red Ale promises to charm the pants off a supermodel, consider me pantless! Now given that the honorable member for parliament Mr Anthony Albanese follows us I thought I’d better do a review on what I’m led to believe is one of his favourite craft brew pubs. He is also fighting high alcohol excise for small craft breweries which I’m personally a huge fan of!

Back to the beer, pours a nice rich dark red, smells quite hoppy in that nice piney way and tastes quite hoppy too but my favourite element to this beer is the restraint shown with the malt. If you are going to call your beer an Indian Red Ale then by starting with Indian you are inferring hops, not a malt assault that leaves you palate destroyed. Wayward gets the balance perfect, very well done and one of the first Red Ales that I’ve had that you could consider sessionable.