So, Hoppy Gonzales Amber Ale from Shenanigans Brewery. Full disclosure, I bought this thinking it was an IPA from Bucket Boys in newie. I really don’t love amber ales, I normally find them heavily malted with very little complexity and little to no hops. I had planned to give this to trent to review as he loves ambers and browns. But I’m constantly being booed by fellow beer nerds for only drinking extra hoppy IPAs and NEIPAs so today I though F@#k it ill give it a shot. I say that a bit tongue in cheek however as im yet to have a bad beer from them, Gone Troppo is still one of my all time favourites.

Anyways I digress, if you say it’s brewed with Jalapenos I expect to taste Jalapenos. Too many brewers these days will wack a key flavouring ingredient on the description but it’s completely lost during the brew. I’m not sure how Shenanigans did it but not only does it have a Jalapeno flavour to it, it’s a smokey Jalapeno flavour with a great savoury finish. This beer is bloody amazing! Its right up there with nomads freshie as far as challenging your palate goes. Would pair extremely well with some salamis and smoked meats. This is now one of my “make sure you try this before you die” bucket style list of beers. A true masterpiece Shenanigans, you have brought me back from IPA madness….. Sorry trent I’ll have to buy you another one 😍