The girls at Two Birds are absolutely killing it in the craft beer scene in Sydney at the moment. Happy to push boundaries and challenge your palate with one of my favs, the taco, they have done a passionfruit ‘summer ale’ The Passion Victim.

Wow, its insanely awesome, pours a light orange with some slight lacing. Smacks you upside your head with passionfruit, snap kicks your tongue with passionfruit, head butts the back of your throat with passionfruit. The can says passionfruit and this delivers it, BUT this is no fruit punch, this ale is hopped to about as close to perfection as ive had. Would be easy to hide behind the passionfruit but the girls have married my three favourite hops to be on a 30 degree day like today is almost pure perfection. Im going to shut up now so you can go and buy some!!!! Almost perfection girls well done!