Wolf of the Willows – what a great name. A Roman naturalist, after observing the aggressive growth of hops, attacking Willow trees like wolves, named them Lupus Salictarius, Latin for Wolf of the Willows. The Melbourne husband and wife outfit have created this delicious ‘India Saison’. This may not be an actual style in the Beer Judge Certification Program Style Guidelines and I’m not sure how many Belgian and French farmers brewed this wonderful style to ship to India, but it’s a hopped up Saison so can be called whatever it the brewer wants.

Bottle. Pours a light, clear gold with a frothy well retained head. Spicy aromas of pepper and rye, followed by lychee and mango fruitiness. A spicy front palate moves towards a moderately bitter, fruity hop middle and a dry finish with touches of pine. High carbonation, which delivers the spiciness well.

Appearance 4/5
Aroma 7/10
Flavour 8/10
Palate 4/5
Overall 14/20