Funky Gold Citra from Prairie Artisan Ales in Tulsa Oklahoma thanks to Platinun Liquor (cheers guys!). I really loved the other one I had from them, the Funky Gold Mosaic, outstanding beer that was superbly crafted. This one is no exception and perhaps even slightly better.

You could open the bottle a mile away and still get that massive floral citrus smell cascading out of the bottle. Pours a saisony kind of yellow with very similar lacing. Lemony citrus cracks your palate with a baseball bat with a more banana bready malt at the back. Perfect carbonation and a lovely sourness though at 7.5% it shouldn’t be sessionable (although it kind of is) as it doesn’t taste boozy at all. Only negative is as with the other one it’s slightly pricey but meh you only live once! Grab it, you wont be dissapointed.