Bruny Island Beer Co in Tasmania have produced a refreshing Dark Pale Ale cleverly named Oxymoron.

Poured from a very beer-nerd labeled 500ml bottle. Very dark almost opaque chocolate colour with small frothy head which leaves a nice lace as the beer is drunk. So much sediment from my bottle it’s like a shaken up snow globe.

With, aromas of rich malt and spice, Pale Ales are often light in flavour, so that is probably why this is so mistakable as a dark ale, the strong rich malt flavours shine through in smell and first taste. Burnt malt and dark chocolate flavours up front which then change to the citrus hop notes with lingering light bitterness.

This is a great beer, and I would gladly drink it again.

Style – Dark Pale Ale

Strength – 5.5%

IBU – estimated 50

Dan Rated 4/5

Bruny Island Oxymoron Beer Snowglobe