Tim from Brewsbuzz did a short review on this beer last year, and I’ve been meaning to give it a go. I have to say I’m pretty impressed – Batch Brewing from Sydney, make a great APA (so good even the swans want in). Cheers to @rickoshea007 for hooking me up!

This is a cloudy orange beer with a lingering head. It’s light on smell, apart from a slight pineiness, which admittedly might have been brought out by my lake-side setting UNDER A PINE. Up front the beer’s flavours are mildly malty, with hints of sweet summer fruits. This balances well with the finish, which has a touch of hoppy bitterness. This brew is close to being a session ale but has a bit more punch. Very accessible for people looking to get into the full APA’s.

Dans Beer Rating – 3.5/5