I first heard about Capital Brewing Co in 2016 while having a feed at Grease Monkey, I was impressed back then. Through 2017 I have watched them expand massively with a new brewhouse in Fyshwick that is getting a great reputation for good food thanks to @Brodburger as well as their amazing brews. They are now readily available across the territory.

Got home on a from Friday after work from a busy start to 2018 and poured a fresh tinnie into my glass. Straight up this is a well presented balanced IPA. Rich cloudy brew which left a decent head and lasted the whole of this review, leaving a nice lace on the glass as the beer went down. Smelling heavily of malt but when you drink it the first flavour is tropical fruit hops. The beer then rolls that fruity sweetness over to the burnt sugar medium bitter finish. Again, they have struck a great balance, will definitely drink again.

Style – Red IPA

Strength – 6%

IBU – 60

Dan Rated 3.75/5