Wayward Brewing Wayward Son Lupulin IPA from the guys in the inner west. I feel pretty stupid actually writing this, one of my favourite brewers whom I buy regularly and I never bother to write anything about them. They were the standout at Oktoberwest and for me are the same as Akasha when it comes to quality, always fantastic beers without exception.

I get lupulin powder, I get the fuss over it, I love it. Turns ales into this awesome velvet mouthfeel that’s hard to explain. Wayward have demonstrated how to get the most out of it with this IPA. Strong strong lacing, that velvet mouthfull from the lupulin, strong piney flavour up front with some very subtle fruits. I get apricot and a hint of passionfruit but I don’t get the mango which is ok it’s not a NIEPA. ABV unapologetic at 7.3%, I love it. Highly sessionable in my humble opinion, you can have your 2.1% pils, I’m smashing the IPA’s. Great job guys!