Green Beacon Brewing Co’s 7 Bells Passionfruit Gose from Liquor Emporium in Alexandria (right next to the wholesale butcher Meat Emporium where I buy all my meat, so cheap!).

I really love a gose, had my first one some 10 years ago when I tried Sierra Nevada’s Cactus Gose as recommended by Trent. It was love at first sip! I love the tartness and sourness of a gose. I really don’t like chocolate or lollies or anything sweet, I’ve got a massive savoury palate so for me a gose ticks all the boxes.

This passionfruit gose from green beacon poured a really solid lemonade yellow with no lacing and no head. Strong smell of passionfruit on the nose, very tart sour upfront with a soft sour throat feel. It’s perfect, up there with Hop Nations mango punch. I could drink this all day! This is a fantastic gose, grab it now!