The Thirsty Frog Summer Ale, brewed exclusively for Carnival Cruises by Lord Nelson Brewing. Been around for a long time Lord Nelson (pretty sure they were the first brewer in Australia). I love the idea of a craft brewer doing kegs for cruise ships, wish they would do it for the SCG (no one likes paying 9 bucks for watered down Carlton Draught)…. anyways I digress.

I normally wouldn’t go near a summer ale, just about everyone I’ve had was bland and unremarkable. I’m not convinced this was a summer ale, if it is then why the hell isn’t everyone else getting as much flavour as this?! I’m going to call it an Australian Pale Ale.

On tap from The Carnival Spirit it poured a really enticing orange with a good head that left beautiful lacing. Strong fruit flavours up front with a reserved malt mouthfeel with a perfect hop bitterness at the back of the throat. Perfect for a hot day by the pool whilst docked in New Caledonia! I hope they release this to the public as it’s by far the best beer they have done to date!