Hairyman ‘Pop Ale’ – Caringbah, NSW

Creaming Soda Ale is what this beer is advertised as, and Creaming Soda Ale is exactly what you get. Some will think this is a good thing, others a bad thing (I was firmly in the latter camp). Even sweeter than I imagined and I couldn’t finish it. My wife on the other hand (and she does like beer) loved it and wants me to buy more. At least try it and make your own mind up. Me? I’m looking forward to trying their Gutsy Pale Ale which is in my fridge.

Can. As the can suggests it is creaming soda with a bit of hop and malt added. Light transparent straw with no head. The aroma is creaming soda. Full stop. Sweet creaming soda and vanilla flavours with a touch of citrus flower hop and caramel malt finish. Very, very sweet. I drank less than half of it.

2.1/5. Trent.