I’ve had a few New England styled Pale Ales (if that’s a style) recently and am really enjoying them, especially at this time of year. Sometimes (most of the time) I don’t want or need 7.5% ABV, which is where most NEIPA’s sit, but I often want or need fruity hops without too much bitterness. The NE Pale Ale fits the bill. The @basementbrewhouse makes a really good version and I hope the Hazy Shade of Pale makes regular appearances on their frequently rotating list. 
Growler from the Brewhouse. Pours gold with a little more clarity than the name suggests. Big fruit aromas – stonefruit, lychee, touch of lemon and lime, passionfruit and a hint of pine to finish. Similar flavours dominated by the juiciness of stonefruit and lychee and moderate pine bitterness. Smooth but light mouthfeel. Very enjoyable and highly sessionable.

3.7/5. Trent