Hawkers Brewing Co’s Rover Henty St Ale from Reservoir Victoria. My last indepently crafted brew that I brought with me from Australia (note to self send a beer package next time ahead of time before I land). These beers have been a godsend in a Chang desert! The hawkers I had a couple of days ago was infallible, this was no exception. Perfectly crafted with a minimalist technique that was spot on and true to the style.
Poured a golden orange with citrus hops on the nose, piney citrus up front with a malty mouthfeel that was tamed by a nice crisp bitter finish. Dead set the perfect pale ale in every aspect. I can’t fault this, perfectly hopped, perfect use of malts with a superior finish. Simple brewing done perfectly. I gave Poong behind the bar a sip, “best beer I’ve ever had”. Thanks for the recommendation Ads, it’s definitely going to be a part of my sessionable collection now! Tim