Holgate Brewing Co. Blush Wild Berry Sour Ale from the brewhouse in Woodend Victoria. As we copped the edge of the storm in Kata today we needed something to drive away the gloom and doom, which is now gone! Was it the above and beyond sacrifice that one Aussie made to bring independently owned craft beer to Thailand in his luggage staring down Thai customs and risking the beer exploding in his luggage? I’d like to think so 😉 Anyhoo enough about my courage and sacrifice and possible order of Australia medal that will surely be waiting for me when I get back to Sydney, the beer.
Poured a strong golden yellow with a strong rasberry nose. Upfront tart citrus with a slightly hoppy middle thanks to the citra, galaxy and topaz hops. It was an interesting choice to go with a slightly sweet fruit in rasberry to pair with those dominant hops in a sour. It is what it says, a hoppy sour, which is intriguing on the palate. It finished both sweet and sour at the back of the throat which again was interesting. Slightly too sweet for me but I still enjoyed it for what essentially it is, a hoppy pale ale sour. I can see this being very popular in Sydney’s heat. Tim